Foot Infection Mismanagement Results in £32,000 Settlement

Published: 10th July 2024

We were consulted by a 70-year-old lady. She had a history of heart disease, stroke and angina. She stubbed her big toe, which became infected due to her poor circulation. There was a failure by the Defendant to check for peripheral pulses which would have led to a referral to vascular surgery. We sent a letter of claim to allege that while the Claimant’s pre-existing conditions would have led to the eventual loss of toes in her right foot, this had been accelerated by 2 years as a result of the negligent delays. She also suffered a prolonged period of pain as a result.

The Defendant admitted Liability but continued to deny there had been any consequence of that. Their Letter of Response 28 March 2024 was accompanied by an offer of settlement of £20,000. Following a period of negotiation, the Claimant accepted an offer of £32,000.