Help for First Time Buyers

Buying your first home is one of the most stressful events in your life. There are few things which can make the process quicker and easier, but one of them is to use an experienced solicitor. The conveyancing team at Liddy’s is led by Mohammed Khalil, a conveyancing solicitor with 15 years’ experience. During this team he has aided countless first time property purchases.

Buying a home is something most people aspire to, and something people work for years towards. When buying your first home there will be processes and terms that you are not used to, as well as buyers and sellers who are looking to take advantage of anything they can.

However, if you have a team of experienced solicitors working for you, you can rest easy knowing that these people have your best interests at heart.

Liddy’s separate themselves from other solicitors as we always put the client first. Our founding principle is on client service. coupled with our experience we offer a service that few solicitors can rival.

So we can offer our personal services to first time buyers from a wider area we work out of two offices, one in Wakefield, and one in Barnsley. To find out more about our conveyancing services just call us on 01924 366 896 or contact us here.