Clinical Negligence

Mistakes by medical professionals can have a devastating effect on the lives of the victims and their families, as well as result in substantial financial losses. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer an injury due to such clinical negligence, Liddy’s Solicitors can help you to claim the compensation you are entitled to and need to deal with your new circumstances.

Liddy’s Solicitors has vast experience of handling clinical negligence compensation claims of many different types.

Regretfully, errors in hospitals and by medical professionals are becoming increasingly common and when they happen, the effects can be devastating to the patient and their family.

Some of the most common examples of clinical negligence include:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Birth and other gynaecological injuries
  • Surgical error
  • Misdiagnosis/misprescription
  • GP negligence
  • Missed fractures
  • MRSA
  • Poor nursing care
  • Inappropriate discharge from hospital
  • Falls in hospital
  • Absence of informed consent

With our assistance you can start to put things right. Liddy’s Solicitors can help you to:

  • Recover damages for the injuries that result from the negligence
  • Recover damages for the income that the patient would have earned had the negligence not occurred
  • Recover damages for the increased care now needed by the patient as a result of the negligence
  • Recover damages for private treatment to help alleviate the symptoms caused by the negligence
  • Recover damages to pay for rehabilitative treatment

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Clinical Negligence Services

Absence of Informed Consent

Many of us will require hospital treatment at some point in our lives, and if that treatment is intrusive, (requiring an operation or surgical procedure), a doctor must first obtain informed consent to carry out the procedure. To be informed, a doctor must discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure and alternatives to that treatment. It is no longer permissible for a doctor to decide without the patient what risks a patient will take.

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Birth and other Gynaecological Injuries

Birth injuries cover a range of different issues that can occur during childbirth. They refer to conditions suffered by a child that may have been caused during labour, as well as injuries to the mother which may have been due to the labour not being managed correctly.

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Injury Claim

Falls in Hospital Or Care Homes

All hospitals and care homes in the UK have a duty of care towards patients which includes ensuring the correct provisions are in place to minimise the risk of the patient falling, either due to their age or medication they may be on.

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GP Negligence

At Liddy’s Solicitors our highly experienced medical negligence solicitors aim to pursue claims for patients, across the entire Yorkshire region that have suffered a further injury following failures from their GP.

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Inappropriate Discharge from Hospital

All medical professionals, including GPs and Doctors, have a duty of care towards their patients. This care not only includes providing correct diagnoses of symptoms and undertaking any necessary treatments, but also ensuring conditions for aftercare will aid their recovery.

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Misdiagnosis or mis-prescriptions refer to medical negligence that has occurred a result of failures or errors, often by a GP. Claims in this area relate to a number of different issues including, but not limited to, diagnosing errors, diagnosing delays, failing to carry out tests and failing to refer to hospital for an assessment. If you think you have suffered as a result of being misdiagnosed or mis-prescribed in any way, please get in contact for confidential advice.

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Missed Fractures

A common example of medical negligence claims against doctors is missed fractures, which can leave patients in a lot of pain in the short term, and lead to further complications in the long term.

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MRSA is a bacterial infection and is still picked up in hospitals around the UK, even today. It is generally referred to as a ‘superbug’ due to its antibiotic resistance, and can cause a lot of complications including blood poisoning and pneumonia.

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Poor Nursing Care

In most cases treatment in NHS and private care hospital is very good, and the vast majority of nurses are incredible at what they do. But, occasionally, nurses are negligent which can harm patient’s health and mental state.

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Surgical Error

We are able to pursue claims across a variety of surgeries. These include, but are not limited to, complications which have arisen from bowel surgery, cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgery, gynaecological surgery and orthopaedic work. If you are concerned you have a condition caused by surgical error, please get in touch for confidential advice.

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