Lack of Informed Consent Claims

Many of us will require hospital treatment at some point in our lives, and if that treatment is intrusive, (requiring an operation or surgical procedure), a doctor must first obtain informed consent to carry out the procedure. To be informed, a doctor must discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure and alternatives to that treatment. It is no longer permissible for a doctor to decide without the patient what risks a patient will take.

A claim of absence of informed consent can only be made when you, or a family member, has not given consent, and the situation was not life threatening.

If you believe that you have had a procedure carried out on you, or on a family member, that was not done under consent, please do not hesitate to contact the clinical negligence solicitors at Liddy’s Solicitors. We work closely with every single patient to ensure full compensation is rewarded, and always work on an individual case by case basis.

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