Missed and Undiagnosed Fracture Claims

A common example of medical negligence claims against doctors is missed fractures, which can leave patients in a lot of pain in the short term, and lead to further complications in the long term.

Our clinical negligence team have been helping victims of missed fractures get the compensation they deserve for over 15 years. Our impressive success rate comes down to the fact that our medical negligence team understands first-hand how common this problem is, and how damaging it can be to patients in the Yorkshire area.

If you think that you might have a fractured bone, and have any of the following symptoms that have been ignored by your doctor, then you could be able to make a medical negligence claim.

  • Pain to the damaged area
  • Swelling, bruising or discolouration
  • Numbness or tingling to the damaged area
  • Deformity to the area or dislocation
  • grating feeling or noise when you move the affected joint

If you think you are a victim of a missed fracture diagnosis then please feel free to speak to one of our legal advisors in our Barnsley office for free advice. We will start by asking you a few questions about your accident and experience to understand your situation before assigning one of our dedicated clinical negligence solicitors specifically to your case.

For more information please call our Barnsley office on 01226 731 314, our Wakefield office on 01924 780 753 or contact us here.