Falls in Hospital

Hospitals in the UK have a vital role in ensuring patient safety, especially when it comes to preventing patient falls. They take on the responsibility of implementing preventative measures to decrease the chances of falls, particularly among patients who may have limited mobility due to their medical conditions or treatments.

Hospitals in the United Kingdom have an obligation to safeguard their patients, particularly in preventing incidents like falls. It is particularly important for individuals who have limited mobility due to illness or the negative effects of their treatment to fulfil this responsibility.

When a patient is admitted, a detailed evaluation of potential risks is conducted, taking into account their unique health condition and requirements. This procedure may incorporate different precautionary measures, such as providing assistance when using the restroom, installing bed rails to prevent falls while in bed, and implementing monitoring systems that notify staff if a patient tries to stand up without help.

As part of the preventive approach, it could also involve placing the patient’s bed near the nursing station for enhanced supervision. If one fails to carry out a thorough evaluation of potential risks, it could result in a legal claim for medical malpractice in the event of a preventable accident.

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