5 Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

Published: 28th September 2017

Selling your home in winter is notoriously difficult. To put it simply; people’s minds are on other things, whether it be Christmas or new years, people often put off buying a new home until the holidays are out of the way.

However, that is not to say it is impossible. The conveyancing team at Liddys have handled many home sales and purchases during the winter months. Liddy’s have had a specialist conveyancing team since 2007. During the past 10 years we have learned a few tricks and tips which can drastically improve your chances of selling your home later in the year.

Clean the Exterior – This is important in summer time, but during the dreary winter months it is even more so. First impressions count when selling a home. If the walkway to your front door is cluttered, messy or overgrown then people will be instantly turned out. Also, if it is snowing then make sure to keep the path free of show. Condensed snow will turn to ice, if a potential buyer slips on the ice it does not bode well for the sale.

Make Sure It Is Lit – Chances are house hunters will be viewing your home during the evening when it is already dark. Make sure your home is bright at all times by ensuring that all bulbs are working. It is even worth considering adding stronger bulbs to make sure it is properly lit.

Keep Your Home Warm – If it is cold outside you want your home to be as warm and cosy as possible. If you have one then it is definitely worth lighting a log fire. To put it simply: make sure it is a pleasant place to be, not cold and clinical.

Keep the Decorations to a Minimum – You want house buyers to be able to picture the home as their down. By covering your home in decorations and pictures you shatter this illusion. This does not mean you can’t be festive, but try to keep things small and simple.

Dress Beds/Furniture with Dark Sheets – As it is winter people crave warmth and cosiness. There are subtle things you can do which give this impression, such as dressing your bed and furniture in dark sheets.

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