Lack of diagnostic testing for prostate cancer

Published: 30th November 2023

With one in eight men in the UK likely to get prostate cancer in their lifetime, and with the benefits that come with early detection and treatment being well recognized, the warnings issued by leading prostate cancer charities about the shortcomings at Barnsley Hospital should be heeded.

Prostate Cancer Research expressed serious concern that Barnsley Hospital doesn’t have the same level of equipment or testing capacity as other trusts in the UK. It noted that of the 9 diagnostic options available, Barnsley only had three. Our experience reveals that Barnsley isn’t using the most modern and reliable methods of prostate biopsy because it lacks the facility to do so. With the hospital being aware of its shortcomings, better use of the more advanced facilities available in other local trusts in Sheffield and Wakefield could be made to avoid patients slipping through the cracks whilst efforts are made to bring the standard of care in Barnsley up to national levels.

If you think your prostate cancer diagnosis may have been delayed by the limited diagnostic facilities offered by Barnsley hospital contact us to discuss your case, read the Barnsley Chronicle article here.