When are you able to make a claim?

Published: 7th July 2016

To put it in the most basic of terms: if you have been injured, suffered psychological damage or contracted an illness due to somebody’s negligence then you could potentially make a claim. The term ‘personal injury’ refers to a whole host of issues, from broken bones, to food poisoning.

If you have sustained some kind of personal injury there are two kinds of compensation that you could potentially claim. These are:

  • General damages are damages that are paid in compensation for injuries. This includes pain and suffering, as well as loss of future earnings. The court will typically decide on the amount to be paid.
  • Special damages is compensation that is paid to reimburse financial loss caused by the accident, up to the date of the hearing. Special damages is all encompassing and can include things like the cost of care, damages to clothing and belongings, travel costs to and from the hospital, medical expense etc. Therefore it is important to keep a note of any money you have spent because of your injury.

With regards to time limit, in most cases you have up to three years from the date of the accident to make a claim. However there are certain circumstances in which this rule does not apply. For example if you were a child at the time of the incident or if you have been affected by industrial disease.

The most difficult aspect of personal injury claims is proving that your injury was caused by somebody else’s negligence. When you get in contact with Liddy’s we will listen to your case and if we feel that it is strong enough we will aid you in compiling evidence to strengthen your case.

One thing we have learned at Liddy’s is that every case is different. This is true for the circumstances of the injury, it is also true for the amount of time it takes to settle a case. Some cases settle in months, others it can take years. Most cases however are settled out of court, though occasionally they do have to be escalated that far.

When you call Liddy’s we will take the time to get to know you, and your circumstances. This will better enable us to aid you in your claim. It will also help us give you an estimate of the time, and cost of your case.

If you feel you have grounds for a claim then give Liddy’s in Barnsley a call on 01226 731 314 or contact us here.