Why You Should Always Use a Solicitor

Published: 24th August 2017

Liddy’s Solicitors Personal Injury staff have many decades experience with dealing with Road Traffic Accident claims. Most of these claims will settle within 12 months. However, insurance companies investigating claims do not always play fairly, and will sometimes not follow correct procedure. Liddys Solicitors recently settled a claim involving a Wakefield resident who sustained injuries following a road traffic accident whilst travelling home from work.

The circumstances of the accident were straight forward. The Defendant drove into the rear of our client’s stationary vehicle. The Defendant got out of his vehicle and apologised for running into his vehicle. Later that day the Defendant sent a text message to our client again apologising for accident.

Upon obtaining initial instructions we made a claim on behalf of our client. The Defendant admitted liability and we obtained medical evidence which was disclosed and we expected the Defendant’s insurance company to make an offer. Instead, they returned to us stating they would be making further investigations. The Defendant’s insurance company then withdrew their liability decision, disputed how the accident occurred and claimed it was impossible for our client to have suffered any injuries as a result of the accident.

We did not accept the Defendants insurance company allegations and therefore issued court proceedings. The Defendant served a Defence disputing liability. The court then fixed this claim for trial. It was once trial date was received the Defendants made an offer and the claim settled.

This was a low value case with minor injuries and a speedy recovery. Our client’s claim was settled for £1,250.

You may be wondering why Liddy’s Solicitors are reporting on a claim which settled for £1,250, when we have much higher value cases we can speak about?

Over the next 12 months you will be reading in your newspaper and seeing on TV that the government will be making far-reaching changes to the way Road Traffic Accident claims are dealt with. The emphasis will be that injured victims should bypass using solicitors and instead make a claim against the defendants insurers themselves.

We anticipate there will be a great deal of criticism of solicitors when you read about the changes to Personal Injury Claims. But we do not expect the Government will make any criticism of the Insurance companies.

Everyone has the choice of using a solicitor or to deal with the claim themselves. If you decide not to use a Solicitor you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Will the Insurance company deal with my claim fairly?
  2. If the Insurance company do agree to deal with my claim will I receive the correct award of damages for my injuries?

At Liddys Solicitors all claims, all clients are important to us.  We will fight for justice for the with the same determination whether the claim is worth £1,000 or £1,000,000.  No matter what changes the Government makes we will continue to represent our clients to ensure they receive the justice and compensation they deserve.