Could the Ban on Cold Calling be Lifted?

Published: 21st September 2016

The SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) currently has a regulation that prevents solicitors from cold calling potential clients via the phone. However, there has recently been talks which could see the ban lifted.

The SRA is making plans to slim down their handbook, and this particular regulation does not appear in the latest drafts. This means that solicitors would be able to get contact details for people who have recently had incidents, or fallen victim to negligence, and bombard them with calls to try and sell their services.

No decent solicitor would undertake such a practice, as it is simply immoral. When a person is suffering, whether it be from a road traffic accident, a case of neglect or from an accident, the last thing they want is to be bombarded with calls.

There is also a level of exploitation involved. If a person is constantly called undoubtedly the advice they will be given over the phone will be inconsistent, and not particularly in their best interests. In fact, the advice will probably be formulated to be in the best interests of the solicitor.

Instead, they should be given the time and freedom to contact whichever solicitor they see fit.

This is an unusual move from the SRA, and the APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) is against the ban being lifted. In fact the president of the APIL has called for a blanket ban on cold calling across the entire industry.

Here at the personal injury and medical negligence arm of Liddy’s, in Barnsley, we never cold call clients. Instead we let our clients approach us, finding us either through the internet or, more often, from personal recommendations. A fact we take some pride in.

One reason why we get so many personal recommendations is that we simply behave in a way that is best for the client, not ourselves. We always act ethically and responsibly in our practices. To find out more about our services in medical negligence and personal injury simply call us on 01226 731 314.