Can I claim for a sports injury?

Published: 29th September 2016

When people think of a sports injury the first thing they think of is a tackle gone wrong in football, or some kind of malicious attack on the rugby pitch. However, anyone involved in sport has a duty of care over the participants. For example, the staff at a sports facility have a duty to make sure that their facility is clean, and safe for use.

It is also worth noting that sports injury claims extend beyond the participants. Staff and spectators may also have cases for a claim.

If you are wondering whether you have grounds for a claim, then certain criteria must have been filled. For example, a certain amount of rough and tumble are expected in most sports, especially contact sports like rugby. However, if the injury took place under abnormal circumstances, like pure recklessness from the other party, or a malicious attack, then you may have grounds for a claim.

There are many instances in which you may be hurt while playing, or spectating sport. Such as:

Improper tackles
Poor coaching and tactics i.e. if a coach intentionally advises players to perform in a certain way which will result in the injury of the other team
Poorly maintained facilities i.e. glass on playing fields, uneven playing grounds and faulty equipment
Violence between players
Riots, these can affect players, spectators and staff
Balls hitting people in the crowd
In some instances, such as rally driving, cars can come off the course and seriously harm spectators
Poorly maintained grounds i.e. seats and standing collapsing and causing injury
All of the above could lead to injury, whether they be broken bones, torn or damaged ligaments, head injuries or fractures. Some injuries may heal in time, others however may mean the end of playing a particular sport. They may also require a serious change in lifestyle.

Whatever the outcome, for a claim to stand there must be proof of some form of negligence. This could be on the part of the player, the coaching/management staff, the referee if there is one, and the game organiser of the owner/operator of the facility of ground.

If you feel you have grounds to make a claim for a sports injury then just give our Barnsley branch a call on 01226 731 314.