Claims Company Fined £400k for Nuisance Calls

Published: 6th July 2017

One of the things we struggle with daily at Liddy’s is debunking the myth that all personal injury solicitors are purely out to create wealth for themselves. There are many ways in which these solicitors give the rest of the industry bad names. Some provide poor service and others take an unfair portion of the compensation amount. But, by far and away the most aggravating factor is nuisance calls.

Unsolicited calls insisting you have been in an accident when you have not are an aggravation that everyone has had to deal with at some time. Most people just hang up, but when the calls take place during unsociable hours, or multiple times per day, then the annoyance level is obviously escalated.

Thankfully there are governing bodies which can hold the companies accountable for their actions. Which recently happened. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) received over 1000 complaints about Keurboom Communications Ltd, based in Bedfordshire.

People reported multiple calls happening on a day and taking places during sociable hours. The ICO decided to investigate and issued 7 demands of the company. Keurboom Communications Ltd did not initially respond to these requests and so the company and its director were taken to court and the company was fined £1500 and the director £1000 after they pleaded guilty to failing to comply with an information notice.

What followed was a full-scale investigation into Keurboom Communications Ltd. It was found that over an 18 month period the company made nearly 100 million calls, showing a blatant disregard on an unprecedented scale. This lead to the largest ever fine made by the ICO being issued, to the tune of £400k.

Unfortunately, the company has since gone into liquidation, so recovering the fine may be difficult. Though the ICO says it will work with the liquidator and insolvency practitioners to recover the fine.

As a policy Liddy’s never make nuisance calls. Instead we focus on claims where compensation is genuinely deserved and will make a difference to the claimant and benefit them and their loved ones.

If you have been the victim of an accident which isn’t your fault then call Liddy’s on 01226 731 314 to see how we can help you.