Client injured in large retail store

Published: 11th January 2021

We recently acted for a client who visited a large retail store.

Our client was looking at the Christmas decorations which were contained on the shelves by the staff door and checkouts. As our client was looking at the decorations, a member of staff opened the staff door. As the door shut, the vibration from the staff door dislodged an item from the top shelf, striking our client on the shoulder.

Investigations revealed that the item which struck our client was stored on the top shelf. The top shelf was used for overflow of stock which would be used to replenish the shelves when stock became low. The item which struck our client had not been stored safely.

After submitting a claim to the retail store’s insurance company, liability was admitted for our client’s accident and our client received £4,000 compensation for the injury to her shoulder.

This case shows the variety of personal injury claims that can arise.

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This article is too brief to fully explain the law and should not be relied upon as legal advice.