Compensation awarded to a client, injured at Berlin Exhibitions Centre

Published: 22nd March 2021

We recently acted for a client whose day-to-day duties are setting up displays at exhibition centres around the UK and Europe.

Our client’s accident occurred as he was setting up a display at Berlin Exhibitions Centre. Our client was unloading the vehicle containing exhibition panels, lighting and graphics. As the rachet straps were removed to manoeuvre the items inside the lorry, a flight case moved from its position inside the lorry and struck our client who was assisting with the unloading.

Our client’s accident occurred as the lorry had not been loaded correctly. The flight cases had not been properly secured inside the vehicle. We made contact with the Defendant insurance company, who agreed to deal with the claim under UK law, despite the accident occurring in Germany. Our client suffered an injury to his lower back.

We were unable to negotiate a settlement with the Defendants insurance company. Court proceedings were issued and served against the Defendants.

Following service of proceedings, our client received £3,500 compensation for the injury to his back.

This case shows the variety of personal injury claims that can arise.

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This article is too brief to fully explain the law and should not be relied upon as legal advice.