A fall can change your life

Published: 9th November 2017

A West Yorkshire man was working in a warehouse. His job was to collect stock to meet a customer’s order. He had to use A framed ladders to collect some of the stock which was stored above head height on racking.

As he was climbing down the ladders with a box in his hand, he lost his balance and fell off the ladders. He was able to land on his feet but still fractured his ankle. This cut off the blood supply to the bone, causing part of the ankle bone to die off. As a result, he developed a limp and was in chronic pain.

He asked Liddys Solicitors to claim damages. Where employers need people to work at height, they have to carefully plan the job to keep the risks to a minimum. It was not safe for this man to be climbing down ladders with his hands full. The insurers in this case admitted liability. Liddys arranged private physiotherapy and pain management treatment and sent him to a podiatrist who gave him custom made shoes to help with his limp. As a result, he fully recovered except for a slight limp. Liddys had to issue Court proceedings but damages were later agreed at £28,000.

When asked to comment on our services, he wrote “I was extremely happy with the standard of care and amazed at the amount of work undertaken by Liddys on my behalf”.

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