What Happens When Your Solicitor Isn’t Clear With You

Published: 21st April 2017

One thing we pride above everything else at Liddy’s is our transparency. We are open and honest with every single client that walks through our doors. Even more so with clinical negligence cases, as sometimes they can take years to resolve.

In fact, we have turned down potential clients in the past due their inability to access us. In these cases we always recommended an alternative solicitor, but we know that a case may not be as successful as possible if the client cannot visit us often. And our focus is always on the client at all times.

However, it would appear other firms do not necessarily carry the same client driven values that Liddy’s does. In a recent clinical negligence case the client was successful in their claim and was awarded £3,250 in compensation.

But, to contradict this victory, the solicitors who represented them charged £72,320.85.

The client was obviously displeased and appealed to a senior court. The court ruled in the defendants favour and ordered the costs reduced. However the total charge still vastly outweighed the compensation awarded.

After the appeal the costs were reduced to £24,604.40.

In 2013 a rule of proportionality was put in place which means that even if work is reasonably and necessarily done it can still be disproportionate. The master criticized the solicitor for not planning appropriately for a claim that was ultimately not going to be worth more than £5000.

At Liddys each of our solicitors have at least 7 years’ experience. Kevin Liddy, the senior partner, qualified in 1993. This experience is invaluable when taking on new cases as he will be able to give an objective view of what the case is worth compared to any potential costs. Then a judgement can be made whether to proceed with the claim or not.

If you feel you have been the victim of clinical negligence then just call Liddy’s Solicitors on 01226 731 314 to talk about your options.