Helping Barnsley people live well with dementia

Published: 9th July 2018

When Liddy’s Solicitors, read in the Barnsley Chronicle that a local charity, BIADS, had suffered a major funding reduction due to local authority cuts, we knew that the loss of funds would have a huge impact on some of the town’s most vulnerable people.

Like so many local residents, the staff at Liddy’s Solicitors were already aware of the charity’s excellent work: BIADS (Barnsley Independent Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support) was established by Barnsley people for local residents with dementia, their families and friends. The charity offers emotional support, information and advice, and organises social events and activities that brighten the lives of those trying to cope with the enormous impact of dementia.

With the firm’s strong ethical ethos, Liddy’s wanted to help make sure that BIADS vital work could continue to develop and flourish, so as part of their recent commitment to donate a percentage of annual profits to charity, they were delighted to donate £20,000 to BIADS, filling the gap created by the local authority cuts.

Liddy's Solicitors - Proud Sponsor of BIADS