What to do if You are Injured at Work, 4 Crucial Steps

Published: 21st July 2016

Your employer, by law, has a duty of care over you as an employee. However it falls to each of us as employees to ensure that we are adhering to any health & safety policies that are in place.

But what should you do if you have an accident, and it is not your fault?

  1. Report it. The first and one of the most important steps is to report the incident. This is so there is a record kept. It is the responsibly of your employer to do so, but there is no harm in you yourself making sure it is done. By law your employer has to report the following: death, major injuries such as broken bones, dangerous incidents like scaffolding collapses, any other injury that inhibits an employee from carrying out their duties and disease.
  2. It is at this point that you can decide whether you have grounds to make a personal injury claim. If you were adhering to any health & safety practices that were in place and your injury was the result of an accident, or your employer not fulfilling thier health & safety obligations, then you may have grounds for a claim.
  3. If you think you do have grounds for a claim then it is always worthwhile trying to settle the dispute with your employer directly, rather than immediately going to a personal injury solicitors like Liddy’s. By doing so you can save time and expense. However, it is rare that an employer will offer a settlement amount as high as could be claimed with a solicitor’s aid.
  4. If you are unhappy with the amount that your employer has offered then it is time to contact a personal injury solicitors like Liddy’s, in Barnsley. By using an experienced solicitors like Liddy’s you can be assured that you will receive the maximum amount you are entitled to. At Liddy’s we will cover all bases necessary, such as loss of earnings, medical expense, other expenses, compensation for any reduction in salary as well as compensation for any physical damage incurred.

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