Knee Operation Gone Wrong

Published: 13th January 2017

In 2011, a Wakefield woman underwent a knee replacement operation at Pinderfields hospital.

Unfortunately the surgeon placed the plastic knee replacement in wrongly and the patient found that she was unable to walk properly. She underwent five further operations but because the surgeon did not recognised the original mistake, he ended up making things worse by loosening the stabilising ligament, which made her knee even weaker than it was before.

She spent months with no knee in at all whilst she was being treated for infections in the knee and following one revision operation. Further, when she was given a blood transfusion, she suffered a reaction which now means that special measures need to be taken whenever she has a blood transfusion in the future.

Although the initial problems with her knee were eventually rectified, because of the large number of operations she has had, the life expectancy of her knee is poor and her knee is not much better than it was before the first operation.

She now needs a stair lift in her house along with aids and adaptations so that she can cope with everyday living. She also needs to day to day assistance with care.

She approached Liddys Solicitors in March 2012 at which point the hospital had denied any fault. Liddys obtained a report from an orthopaedic consultant outside of the area who clarified what mistakes had been made. When this was put to the hospital, they admitted responsibility.

Knee and hip replacements are now routine surgery and generally should not result in long term disability. The vast majority are successful but where they are not, the results can be life changing. Where a surgeon has failed to use basic skill and care, it is right that the patient should receive damages to let them cope with the disability.

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