Liddy’s take Pride – LonGBoaT Pride 2019

Published: 9th July 2019

As part of our ongoing support of local charities and initiatives, we are delighted to sponsor LonGBoaT Pride 2019.

LonGBoaT Wakefield is a fully constituted LGBT+ organisation, providing support, nurture and encouragement to the wide cultural and diverse range of talents, and people within Wakefield.

Their passion, desire and drive to succeed is clear for all to see and experience, it’s their aim to showcase these talents through friendly social activities, concerts, exhibitions and shows. In doing this they let members of our community shine brightly in their chosen arenas. They are also launching an awareness campaigned for mental health, hate crime and domestic violence within the LGBT+ community as well as support groups in these areas.

Along with all the other events, LonGBoat Wakefield are also planning an inaugural, annual open air concert which will be held on Sunday 11th August.

For more information on LonGBoaT: