Needlestick injury at holiday park

Published: 8th February 2021

We recently acted for a client who attended a holiday park with his family.

Our client had booked a caravan on the site. On entering the caravan, his children sat on the sofa. Our client noted there was an object on the sofa, and he went to move it. Unknown to our client, it was a large needle which penetrated his thumb. Our client reported his accident to the Defendants and a security team was called to collect the needle.

We submitted a claim against the Defendants on the basis that the caravan had not been cleaned and kept safe prior to our client’s arrival. Following submission of the claim, the Defendant insurance company admitted liability.

Whilst the needlestick injury was relatively minor, our client had to attend hospital on regular occasions for blood tests and Hepatitis B vaccines. Thankfully, there were no lasting injuries, and our client made a full recovery.

Following negotiations, our client was awarded £5,200 for his injuries.

This case shows the variety of personal injury claims that can arise.

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This article is too brief to fully explain the law and should not be relied upon as legal advice.