No Win No Fee Solicitors

Published: 1st June 2016

At some point in their lives most people will need the aid of a solicitor. Unfortunately a large proportion of these will be because of personal injury claims. However legal aid as all but been abolished in these areas, meaning a lot of people often do not get the compensation they deserve. This is why the idea of a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement was developed.

Now, about 95% of our personal injury and clinical negligence cases are run on a no win no fee basis, (also called a Conditional Fee Agreement).

Taking legal action is complex and costly and is not something an average person should consider pursuing on their own. Collecting evidence and building a case will require expert witnesses, solicitors and barristers. A no win no fee agreement means that even those who are not very wealthy can take legal action and claim compensation that they rightly deserve.

If the client loses, they will not be responsible for the solicitor’s costs as long as they have co-operated with their own claim throughout. However if the client wins the claim, there may be a deduction from the claim of no more than 25% towards legal costs. The deduction from the client’s damages goes towards an insurance policy which is purchased on the client’s behalf to pay cost liabilities if the case loses any shortfall of costs paid by the defendants, and towards your solicitor’s success fee. We may be able to avoid this deduction if there is some form of legal expenses insurance.

This is how solicitors are able to offer no win, no fee cases, and how people who are not necessarily wealthy are able to claim damages that they deserve.

Liddy’s solicitors, who specialise in personal injury and medical negligence are based in Barnsley. Our experienced team of solicitors have been successful in hundreds of cases and have won hundreds of thousands of pounds for our clients.

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