Personal Injury Claims – Don’t Lose Sight of the Injured Party

Published: 14th February 2013

When it comes to the topic of personal injury claims everyone has an opinion, and it can be a somewhat controversial subject. But whether you are an insurance broker or a lawyer, surely the main focus should always be on the injured party.

Both insurers and solicitors claim to have the injured person’s best interests at heart but it is easy to see where both sides could have a vested interest. Insurers will ultimately want to pay out as little compensation as possible; solicitors, on the other hand, will fight to be paid as much as possible.

So where is the injured party in all this? The person whose life could have been permanently changed forever, who may not be able to work, and is struggling to make ends meet? Surely the goal is to ensure they receive the best possible advice and compensation they deserve.

The personal injury claims industry has been through a huge change, and continues to do so – from the proposed changes to the small claims limit, to the way lawyers are paid and the process for actually making claims – but solicitors mustn’t lose sight of their clients and their needs.

So can all parties work together for the benefit of the injured party? Only time will tell, but in the meantime our advice would be to do your research, don’t be rushed into making a decision and make sure you choose a solicitor with a good track record and reputation.

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