Pride in Our Profession

Published: 18th May 2017

A campaign was recently launched by the president of the Law Society, Robert Bourns. It was called the Pride in the Profession campaign, and it aims to highlight the many ways in which the legal profession contributes to economy, justice system and communities.

With regards to the economy, it has been calculated that the legal sector contributed £32billion in 2015, a simply staggering amount. And not all of this is from the UK, the legal sector generated a trade export surplus of £3.45billion.

Aside from this, the legal sector as a whole has trained and employed 380,000 people.

However, the one key point that the law society is delighted with, and wants to see more of, is how law firms can contribute to their local communities. It is estimated that in 2015 solicitors carried out 2.5 million hours of pro-bono work, with a value of around £592million.

But solicitors contribute to their communities in more ways than their trade. Due to their knowledge and experience solicitors are often called upon to become community leaders as trustees and chairs of charities and governors in schools.

The team here at Liddy’s look to aid our community whenever we can. For the last few years we have taken part in the Rucksack Appeal by opening our offices to be used as a drop off and pick up point, for example.

This is to say nothing of the contributions that solicitors have made to the justice system. Solicitors have a special relationship with the justice system. Whether solicitors work in-house or in private practice, it is enshrined in the obligation to promote every aspect of justice as officers of the court, all while ensuring client confidentiality under the legal professional privilege.

Liddy’s will keep contributing to our communities, and the legal profession through our work in Personal Injury, Medical Negligence and conveyancing, along with continued charity works. To find out more about any of our services just call us on 01226 731 314. And to read the full report just click here.