Read this Article Before Buying or Selling your House

Published: 6th January 2017

Shopping around for the best deal on conveyancing can save you hundreds of pounds, but it can also be very time consuming and only works if you compare like with like. At Liddy’s we have compiled a list of 7 key questions to ask and investigate, to make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises later on.

Is the fee fixed, or is the figure in the quote an estimate that may rise?

Many solicitors charge by the hour, so the bill can increase sharply if there are any complications or unforeseen delays. With a fixed-fee quote, the amount you pay will remain the same and any problems in the conveyancing process will merely be frustrating, rather than expensive.

Does the quote include acting for the bank?

This is important as some solicitors charge an additional fee for acting for your bank in the purchase. It is worth clarifying before committing to any solicitor.

Which searches are included?

While drainage and local authority searches should be standard, you may also need mining or contaminated land searches. Ask whether these are included in the initial quote or whether they are extra.

Is there an extra cost for dealing with stamp duty?

It is good practice to include stamp duty with the basic charges, however some conveyancers will not include this in order to increase the fee.

Ask for a full breakdown of charges.

Often some of the work the solicitor is paid for looks like an outside fee.

Are there any additional charges at all?

Conveyancers can often wait until the unexpected happens to declare additional charges. By this point a client can feel stuck, and without any choice but to proceed with the current firm and accept the charges.

Who will do the conveyancing and do they hold the Law Society quality mark?

Find out whether the person who would handle your conveyancing is a qualified solicitor or not, and whether they specialise in conveyancing. These accreditations are vital for determining a conveyancers competence.

At Liddys, we make things as straightforward as possible by offering conveyancing on a fixed-fee basis. The fee we quote will be the sum you pay for the conveyancing on your house move. You will also always deal with the same solicitor throughout and we have the quality conveyancing kite mark so you can have more confidence that we will do the job right. To find out more call us on 01226 731314.