Rebuilding Shattered Lives

Published: 25th November 2020

Whilst many of us will fortunately never need the services of a personal injury or clinical negligence lawyer, we believe getting the right specialist advice is critical in the early stages after any negligently caused injury. The consequences of severe injury on the individual and their family are wide-ranging and long-lasting. Skilled and compassionate lawyers, such as those we have at Liddy’s, are there to help the severely injured pick up the pieces of their lives and start the process of recovery.

For that reason, Liddy’s Solicitors support the campaign by APIL called “Rebuilding Shattered Lives.” It is a campaign to show how important the job is that lawyers do so that innocent victims of negligence are given a chance of a better future.

Please take a few minutes of your time to watch the video below.  The next time you hear someone talk about personal injury and clinical negligence lawyers, your thoughts just might turn to the individuals behind the headlines who rely upon services like ours.

The Law Society Gazette Article