Why A Residential Flood Search is Vital

Published: 4th August 2017

There seems to be an endless amount of surveys to be carried out when you are trying to buy a home. Some of these may feel slightly surplus, and that could probably get away without them. However, one survey that is proving more and more essential is the flood risk assessment.

Recently a national warning went out to warn people of the chance of severe weather, and with it the increased chance of flooding. Since July last year, when a village in Cornwall was flooded and people had to be airlifted out, the Met Office has been very careful with flood and weather warnings.

Recently they have warned of an increased risk of unprecedented winter downpours this year. They believe them to be on a similar scale to those that took place in 2014, which caused a huge number of floods and billions of pounds of damage.

Research by the met office suggests that there is a 33% chance of record monthly rainfalls in every region every winter.

And this is the real problem: this trend of increased rainfall is only going to continue with the changing climate, therefore the risk of flood and flood damage will also increase. It will also begin to affect more and more properties, as the floods are likely to get larger.

There is very little house hunters can do to prevent this increase in rainfall, all they can do is be prepared for when it does happen. And this should start from the very beginning of the house buying experience with the correct surveys and inspections being carried out.

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