Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Published: 7th April 2017

It is common knowledge that buying and selling a house is one of the most stressful things you can do. Not least of which is finding a prospective buyer for your current home. There are plenty of tricks and tips out there which you can do to make your home seem more appealing. But after working in conveyancing for as long as we have we thought we would offer up some of our own advice.

Good landscaping – typically your garden is the first thing a potential buyer will see, and first impressions count. Make sure it is well groomed and tidy, rid of any mess and clutter. Some estate agents have recommended borrowing a new expensive car to park in the driveway, if possible, as it gives an impression of success and wealth.

Improve front door – as a follow on the from the above, the front door is the first point of interaction potential buyers will have with your home. A lick of paint and a few pot plants will do it the world of good.

Install brighter lighting – although you may prefer a darker or more cosy home, to give the right impression to buyers it is worth creating some brightness. This is simple to do, just install some brighter bulbs and open the curtains; the difference could be startling.

Clean – it sounds obvious, but we’ve known people to neglect the cleanliness of their homes. If a potential client walks in to a dirty room it gives an impression on both the owner and the rest of the house.

Define each room – one thing you want a client to do is to picture themselves in your home. If, for example, your dining room is covered in paperwork then it is hard for the client to picture themselves eating in that dining room. By using each room for its own purpose you allow the visitor to picture themselves there.

Stay out of the way – following from the above, give the buyer time and space to envisage themselves living there. They will struggle to do this if you are following them around talking constantly. Obviously, you need to be on hand if they have any questions, but aside from this allow them as much freedom as possible.

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