Wakefield Man Settles His Claim Against a Local Hospital for £30,000

Published: 11th February 2014

A Wakefield man suffered very severe damage to his pancreas, when a drain was incorrectly removed from his abdomen such that it tore a hole in his pancreas.

The damage was not noticed for about a year, despite an exploratory operation, and during that time he was extremely ill, suffering infection after infection.

For 12 months he was obliged to wear a colostomy bag and the wound remained open for many months to allow it to heal from the inside out.

The incident was caused because the junior doctor did not know how to take out the drain and was eventually shown by a nurse, by which time the damage had been done.

The hospital denied throughout that the incident caused the claimant any injury, although they accepted that the incident had happened.

The claim was settled for £30,000 after two years of litigation, just short of trial.

Doctors do a difficult job but even so they are expected to use reasonable skill and care. Mostly they do their job very well. When they do not, the effects can be devastating for the patient and their family.

It is then right that they receive damages to help them pick up the pieces and put their life back on track.

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