Wakefield Woman Receives Over £260,000 in Damages

Published: 9th January 2014

Our client fell whilst ice skating, breaking her right wrist. She attended Pinderfields Hospital where the fracture was pinned and plated. Unfortunately, one of the pins was not positioned correctly. The surgeon involved failed to X-ray or to check whether the screws were in the correct place.

As a result, he did not see that the pin would rub on her wrist bones whenever she moved. In the two months before the screw was removed and put in the correct position, it had sawn a notch into our client’s bone.

She then underwent five operations to try to lessen the pain that she was in.

Our client’s range of movement in her right wrist was lessened and that, together with the pain in her wrist, stopped her from continuing her career as a typist. She would have had a further nine years of employment, but she is now unemployable.

The hospital admitted liability for the accident and we recovered damages for her pain and suffering, her loss of earnings, the services of somebody to do the heavy jobs that she was no longer able to do and the cost of a car adaptation and driving lessons so that she could return to driving.

The total damages were in excess of £260,000, some of which went to pay back the welfare benefits she had received whilst she was off work.

Doctors do a difficult job, but even so they are expected to use reasonable skill and care. When they do not, the effects can be devastating for the patient and their family. It is then right that they receive damages to help them pick up the pieces and put their life back on track.

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