Why choose an APIL-accredited lawyer?

Published: 28th October 2019

An injury or illness can change lives, whether temporarily or permanently. While many injuries and health problems are simply down to bad luck, it’s occasionally someone else’s negligence which leads to the damage and you may have a valid legal case against them. An APIL-accredited lawyer could be your greatest ally in making a successful claim.

What is APIL?

APIL (the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation of lawyers who act as a voice for injured people. Its members are committed to giving honest, straightforward advice and help to those with a reasonable claim for an illness or injury for which someone else was fully or partly responsible. Members will keep you regularly updated with any important news about the claim or your treatment and for most claims, they will act on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. Crucially, APIL lawyers help you get your life back on track, a journey which often involves finding the right practical and specialist help rather than money alone.

As an organisation, APIL campaigns for better laws to protect those who suffer personal injury or illness due to negligence. It seeks to improve services for injured people, including their access to justice. It also runs outstanding training programmes for legal professionals keen to refresh and develop their knowledge and skills in this important area of law.

APIL is a brilliant organisation for many reasons. For us as solicitors, their training is a huge benefit. I insist that all Liddy’s litigators regularly attend APIL training courses: we always return to our caseload with the latest case law and fresh ideas that we use to help our clients.

Kevin Liddy, MD, Liddy’s Solicitors

Liddy’s Solicitors and APIL

As a member of APIL for 15 years, Liddy’s Solicitors is proud to work with an organisation that so clearly reflects our own strongly ethical approach. Our MD, Kevin Liddy, is also individually accredited by APIL as a Senior Litigator, indicating his significant expertise and experience in this specialist field. The following examples from our own work help to illustrate the wide-ranging value of using an APIL-accredited lawyer.

Example 1: The right expertise – when it matters most

Ms A suffered a nerve injury during surgery, which resulted in ‘foot drop’, a condition which affects her posture and causes her extremely severe backache. As a busy working mum, the profound pain affected her ability to care for her family and to carry out her job.

Although a cash payout will prove helpful for Ms A, money alone cannot resolve the problems arising from the negligent surgery. However, Liddy’s has worked hard to help her recover and to rebuild her life. We’ve already arranged psychiatric support and a chiropractor to reduce her pain. We have also organised a disabled driving assessment so that she can learn to drive an automatic car.

This case is currently ongoing, but from the start we promised Ms A that she would have the best possible legal advice and help without having to worry about costs. We can do this because we recover damages to cover a wide variety of losses (eg lost income, private treatment, rehabilitation treatment, and more). We continue to support Ms A’s journey and she appreciates the committed support, clear information and updates that we offer her every step of the way.

Example 2: Easing your journey to a better future

We act for many clients for whom poor NHS management of their diabetes has resulted in visual impairment -or even total blindness. For these clients, we always arrange an assessment by an occupational therapist who can identify the aids and adaptations each individual will need both at home and beyond to make their lives easier and safer. We then organise further investigations and support depending on each individual’s needs.

Our genuine ‘No Win, No Fee’ assurance frees our clients from the worry of funding an expensive claim, and allows them to get the expert help they need while we manage the legal claim itself.


For more helpful tips and information, check out the APIL leaflet, Guidance after an injury

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