95-year-old admitted to hospital with dizziness falls, fracturing her hip

Published: 15th July 2018

We settled a claim brought by the family of a 95-year-old who was admitted to Barnsley Hospital with dizziness and confusion.

At 6am, she fell out of bed fracturing her right hip. A claim was brought against Barnsley Hospital on the basis that it should have been clear to the Hospital that she was a high falls risk and steps should have been taken to reduce the risk of the accident happening.

Common ways of avoiding a fall from the bed, such as placing her close to the nursing station where nurses could keep an eye on her, putting up bed rails to avoid rolling out of bed or putting alarms in place to warn nurses, where a confused person has got out of bed, were not used.

Liability was denied but the case was settled for £10,000.00.

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