A Religious Matter

Published: 18th May 2017

A man from West Yorkshire was caused serious injury to his hip when he fell while moving a damaged trolley at work. He already had a pre-existing condition that meant that the health of his hip would deteriorate in time, however it was estimated that the accident made the deterioration happen 5 years earlier than it would have.

There is an operation available which could remedy his issues, however it goes against the rules of his religion. His employers tried to argue that he was not taking all reasonable steps to keep his loses to a minimum.

This is an often-overlooked clause of personal injury – that a person must take all reasonable steps to ensure that their losses are kept to a minimum. If they do not they put at risk the amount of compensation they may claim.

However, as it was against the tenets of his religion he had reasonable grounds to refuse the operation. Also, if the operation posed significant threat to his wellbeing then it is also deemed an acceptable reason for refusal.

He instructed Liddy’s to act on his behalf. Our first task was to prove that the operation was against his religious beliefs. Because we were successful we were able to recover his damages in full, at a value of £29,000.

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