Barnsley Man Recovers £50,000 in Damages.

Published: 6th July 2016

A young man was knocked over when a car mounted the central reservation, throwing him into the air.  He hit his head on the floor as he landed and suffered a fit at the scene, the first fit that he had ever had.

He was battered and bruised, but his physical injuries were short lived.  However, he was at college at the time and found that he was not doing as well in his studies as he had hoped. Also, his parents thought that he was more forgetful than usual.

He instructed Liddy’s solicitors to recover damages.  Liability was admitted straight away by the car driver’s insurers but they were only interested in paying damages for his physical injuries, summarised in a report from a doctor and dentist.  However, his forgetfulness continued and so we instructed a neurologist.  The neurologist concluded that he had suffered a brain injury which had caused some mild memory impairment, but that he would be fine again within 18 months of the accident.  Also, there was no real risk of suffering any further fits.  However, his memory continued to be poor and so we sent him to see a psychologist.  She gave him two hours of mental tests and concluded that his memory was worse than would be expected and it was likely to have been caused by his head injury in the accident.  Furthermore, it was not likely that he would now recover fully.  As a result, he may not do as well in work as he would otherwise have.

He had hoped to go into public service but instead is working in a lesser paid full time job.  We settled his claim for £50,000 which included some compensation for some anticipated loss of earning capacity.

Brain injury is often missed in cases like this but amongst young men it is very common and the effects should not be underestimated.  They can range from a very mild brain injury which affects word finding skills and memory, to a serious brain injury requiring carers.

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