Care of the Elderly

Published: 24th March 2017

A while ago Pinderfields Hospital had to shut down due to poor standards of care. This follows on from a Care Quality Commission visit which found that elderly patients were at risk of falls, pressure sores and infections. The root cause of this stemmed from not enough nurses to care for the patients on the ward.

To tackle this more training and resources were given the elderly care unit at Pinderfields. This is commendable, but it does highlight the extra care that elderly patients need. Elderly patients are typically a lot more vulnerable than normal patients. Falls are a lot more common as they are often dizzy, confused and have poor balance. And the injuries sustained from these falls are typically more serious.

However, there are many measures that a hospital can take in order to reduce the chances of accidents. These include raising bed sides, lowering beds, giving the patients buzzers or putting pressure pads in the bed which alert staff when the patient has gotten up. However, all the measures are impossible to enact without enough staff.

It is a similar story for bed sores. Bed sores are an easily avoidable occurrence, but when they do happen can be very dangerous. They can often turn ulcerous and can ultimately lead to the death of the patient. Again, these are completely avoidable, but only when there is enough staff to carry out the care properly.

Where a hospital has failed in its duty of care, it is right that the affected patient should be compensated and where appropriate, receive funds to pay for rehabilitation to get better or pay for care where it is needed.

At Liddys Solicitors we have been consulted by many patients from many local hospitals who have fallen badly, sustaining life changing injuries or suffered pressure sores.

If you or a loved one have fallen in hospital and been badly injured or have suffered a Grade 4 pressure sore, Liddys Solicitors specialist clinical negligence department may be able to help. To discuss if we can help call us on 01924 780753.