Dotting every I, crossing every T

Published: 2nd June 2017

Our client was driving on a narrow county road when another car was coming the other way. There was not enough room for both and there was a side on collision.

Our client’s driver’s window smashed. Because there were no witnesses each driver blamed each other. Ultimately decided that each was 50% responsible. This meant that our client would only receive 50% of any damages awarded.

It initially appeared that his injuries were minor. As is typical in a collision he had a sore neck, and he also had an irritated eye from where a shard of glass scratched it. However, as time went by he found that he suffered from glare when looking at a computer screen. Liddys sent him to an eye specialist who found that there was a scar on his eyeball from the glass.

The scar has serious ramifications and meant that he would need spectacles 10 years earlier than he would have done previously. It also meant that glare from a computer screen was now a serious issue. This meant that Liddy’s could justifiably recover damages to cover the cost of buying eye glasses, eye drops and eye tests for ten years.

In total we recovered damages for him of £30,000, which had to reduced by 50% for his contribution to the accident.

This is a perfect example of why experience matters. Most solicitors would have pursued the simple whiplash case, the compensation for which would have been in the low thousands. However, Liddys was able to secure him £20,000 for his injuries, and £10,000 for his financial losses.

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