Huge Claim for Broken Ankle

Published: 14th July 2016

Our client was injured when a pallet loaded full of goods fell on her. She suffered a fractured ankle and leg. Though the fractures were clean and healed relatively quickly the pain stayed. This lead to the client having difficulty walking and performing other day to day tasks.

This on-going, constant pain forced her to reduce her hours at work, which obviously had an impact on her salary. This, consequently, reduced her standard of living even more.

Because of the extent of her injuries, and the amount her life was affected, Liddy’s of Barnsley managed to recover a huge amount of damages. These damages were not only recompense for the injury, but also for the wages she lost while she was injured and the loss of future earnings due to her reduced hours.

We knew her case was strong from the get go, but by using the correct medical experts and presenting the case in the proper fashion we were able ensure our client got a fair amount in settlement. We were also able to able to dissuade the defendant from taking the case to court. By doing so we saved the client considerable expense and also a huge amount of time. From start to finish the case was settled within 12 months.

It is our experience that was of greatest benefit in this case. Other solicitors would not realise, or think to pursue loss of earnings, as they might not realise it was an option. But the senior partner at Liddy’s has over 30 years’ experience, and knew immediately that this case had the potential to secure a large settlement for the client.

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