How The Law Works For Trips And Slips

Published: 16th June 2017

In a recent case Liddy’s helped a woman from West Yorkshire claim £15,000 in damages after she tripped on a step outside a pub in the lake district.

She had gone to the pub for a meal, and was leaving walking down the ramp at the front of the building. At the end of the ramp there was two steps, but she could not see them as it was night time, and there was no lamps. She fell over the steps and broke her ankle. After she got to hospital it was discovered that had also ruptured her ligaments and had to have an operation to repair them.

Despite the success of the operation she had to wear an ankle boot on and off for five months. Though it took about two years for the pain to disappear entirely.

The pubs insurers accepted liability immediately because the steps were obviously unlit. Damages were agreed at £15,000.

When a supermarket or shop invites you in they are duty bound to take reasonable care of your safety. The lengths that they take will vary depending on the size and status of the establishment. For example, a supermarket will likely carry out hourly checks of the entire store. Whereas a small pub would not be expected to take these same measures. However, they would both be expected to ensure your safety by lighting steps, for example.

Regardless of the size, retailers are all expected to carry out safety checks on the floors of their premises as slips and trips are the most common cause of personal injury claims. If you have tripped or slipped in a public place and suffered from your accident then contact Liddys Solicitors on 01924 780753.