Liddy’s Delivers, Even Under Time Pressure

Published: 12th May 2017

Our conveyancing department was approached by a seller in April who had found themselves in a very unfortunate situation. Thankfully, and against the growing reputation of conveyancing solicitors, we managed to process her case extremely quickly, while adhering to our original fixed fee quote.

The seller, based in Leeds, was looking to sell a domestic property in Leeds, for which they were currently acting as executor. Everything was running along fine until the seller unfortunately took ill. When the buyer informed them that the mortgage offer was due to expire it was suddenly a race against the clock to get the transaction processed. This is when the seller approached Liddy’s.

Knowing we were against the clock from both the buyer and the seller we processed the transaction as quickly as we could. We liaised directly with the sellers probate solicitor and completed the transaction within two weeks.

The solicitor who handled this transaction, Mohammed Naheem Khalil, has been a qualified solicitor for over 15 years. In situations like this experience is paramount. Without it the sale and purchase of the property would have likely fallen through, leaving both parties in a bad situation.

Despite the level or urgency all parties were satisfied with the outcome, and Liddy’s adhered to our original fixed fee quote. If you are looking for a conveyancing solicitor then Liddy’s can help, regardless of your situation. To find out more simply call us on 01924 780753.