Local Man Knocked Unconscious at Work

Published: 19th August 2016

A local man, based near Wakefield, was knocked unconscious when a large steel roller shutter detached from its fixings and directly fell on his head.

The shutter was around six feet long and very heavy. He was opening up a shop when the accident happened and, worryingly, there is a matter of seconds of which he has no recollection at all.

Heavy blows to the head can cause brain injury and one of the tests used to assess the level of brain injury concentrates on periods of amnesia.

Thankfully, his employers were insured and were able to pay him damages for the injuries that he suffered and for his loss of earnings. It was important to assess him before settling the claim to see whether he had suffered a brain injury. Thankfully he had not. However, many damages claims up and down the country are being settled without considering the likelihood of brain injury.

This claim for damages was particularly difficult for two reasons. Firstly there has been a recent change in the law to make it much more difficult to recover damages where an employee has had an accident of this sort. Secondly, brain injuries, if they occur are subtle and hard to detect. The consequences for victims can be devastating for the future.

Liddy’s Solicitors acted on behalf of this client, all our solicitors have between six and twenty years’ experience and are used to dealing with claims anywhere between £1,000 and £2,000,000.

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