Local Woman Recovers Over £16,000 For Fall in a Pub

Published: 9th June 2017

A local resident was walking into a pub when she tripped on a poorly lit step. She instinctively put her hands out to cushion her fall landing on her wrists. The impact of the fall lead to her tearing ligaments in both her wrists.

The insurers of the pub denied liability stating that there were signs in place. However, photographs taken by the claimant at the time of the incident showed that no signs were in place, that the doorway was poorly lit, and the dark carpet made the step even harder to see.

We sent the claimant to a specialist who analysed her injuries. He determined that it was indeed a ligament injury. He also assessed that the client would likely suffer permanent weakness and develop arthritis in 5 to 10 years time.

After initially denying responsibility, the pub’s insurers accepted most of the blame and the claimant accepted some blame for not paying enough attention and not seeing the step.

Her claim eventually reached a negotiated settlement of £24,750 less a reduction of 33% for her portion of blame for the accident, making £16,500. Her claim included damages for the injuries themselves, costs of care and assistance, damages for ruined holidays and the costs of mileage incurred in travelling to medical appointments.

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