Local woman recovers £16,500 in personal injury damages from insurers of Norwich pub

Published: 5th August 2016

A 53 year old local woman has recovered £16,500 in damages after injuring her wrists falling in a pub. The woman had just arrived at the pub when she tripped on a poorly lit step, which is situated within a doorway and is camouflaged by dark carpeting. The woman fell forward and landed on her wrists, tearing ligaments in both.

The hospital had diagnosed the woman with a fracture to both wrists, but medical evidence obtained from a Professor of hand surgery, as part of the personal injury claim, revealed that the injuries were more likely ligament damage. Due to pain and difficulty using her hands, an opinion was also sought from a Pain Management Specialist, who diagnosed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a serious and often debilitating condition. After further medical evidence, it was established that the woman would now likely suffer a permanent weakness in her wrists and may develop arthritis within 5 to 10 years.

The insurers for the pub initially denied liability for the incident and claimed that there had been signs in place warning customers about the step. However, we at Liddy’s managed to secure our own photographs prior to this, showing that no signs were present. A settlement on liability was eventually reached with the pub’s insurers, where the woman accepted partial blame for the accident for failing to see the steps and the pub accepted that they bore the majority of the blame for not putting up the sign and for carpeting it in a way that made it difficult to spot.

Her claim eventually reached a negotiated settlement of £16,500, after a reduction of 33% for her portion of blame for the accident. Her claim included damages for the injuries themselves, costs of care and assistance, damages for ruined holidays and the costs of mileage incurred in travelling to medical appointments.

The claimant approached Liddy’s as she knew about our excellent reputation in the personal injury sector. It is due to the experience of the senior partner, Kevin Liddy, that we were able to settle the amount we did.

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