Man Receives £15,000 Compensation For Industrial Accident Injuries

Published: 9th June 2015

Liddy’s Solicitors helped a machine operator who suffered a broken hand and cuts in an accident at work to secure £15,000 in compensation.

The man was injured when his hand was pulled into the blade of the cutting machine he was using to cut a sign. His employer had previously disabled the guards on the machinery.

He was subsequently off work for three months, during which time he continued to be paid. However, when he returned to work he found the job very difficult due to his injuries and had to be put on light duties.

The worker approached Liddy’s Solicitors about the prospect of making a personal injury claim and we agreed to act on a no-win, no-fee basis.

One of our experienced solicitors registered a claim with the employer’s insurer and the insurance company admitted fault at an early stage. We then arranged for the man to receive rehabilitation treatment, paid for by the insurance company, and as a result his symptoms quickly improved.

At the same time, an MRI scan was organised for his injured hand, and the hand surgeon advised that his injuries and scars were expected to improve over the next 12 months.

The defendant’s insurer put forward an offer of £15,000 even before the medical evidence was received. Liddy’s Solicitors advised him that the offer was considerably more than he could normally expect for injuries and losses of this type.

He was happy to accept the offer and received £15,000, which included compensation for his injury, private treatment costs and other miscellaneous losses.