Pensioner Receives £13,855 for Accident on Bus

Published: 24th February 2017

An elderly lady, who lives near Leeds, was seated on the front seat of a bus when the bus driver was forced to brake sharply to avoid someone who had just pulled out on them.  She was thrown out of her seat and onto the floor, fracturing her hip.  She was taken to hospital by ambulance where she underwent an operation to repair her hip fracture and was admitted for a total of 7 days. When she left the hospital she found that she had a pain in her hip severe enough to make her want to avoid walking entirely.

She contacted Liddy’s Solicitors who took her case on a No Win No Fee basis.  Our first step was to contact the bus company and obtain the details of the driver that had pulled out in front of the bus.  Liddy’s then registered a claim against the driver’s insurers.

The car driver’s insurers admitted fault for the accident within three months of being notified of the case.  Liddy’s then arranged for her to be seen by an orthopaedic surgeon who provided a report on her injuries, advising that she had made a good recovery from the fracture.

An initial offer of £8,000 compensation was offered by the drivers insurance. But thanks to our experience we knew that this was quite a low offer for the pain and lifestyle changes that our client had suffered. Therefore we advised her to reject the offer.

The insurers then came back with an offer of £13,000. We countered with £13,885 which was accepted. The client received the cheque a few weeks later.

At Liddy’s solicitors, we take the time and trouble to get the medical evidence right and negotiate hard on our client’s behalf to achieve a good result. There are those that would have settled for the original offer, but as we have handled similar cases in the past we knew that we could potentially claim more. At Liddy’s you are assured to have a solicitor who has been qualified between 8 and 20 years, which makes a huge amount of difference. To find out more about our services, including our ‘no win no fee’ offers just call us on 01226 731 314.