Did You Receive the Right Damages For Your Injuries?

Published: 12th May 2017

A Wakefield resident recently suffered a very serious injury when a two ton container door blew shut on his leg. These kinds of doors are supposed to have hydraulic rams fitted to them to slow the door down. Unfortunately in this case the ram was broken.

Even more unfortunate was that the client was originally advised by another solicitor to accept 50% liability for the accident, despite it not being his fault at all.

He instructed Liddys Solicitors to take over the case and we settled his claim against his former employers, who had agreed 50% responsibility for the accident, for £155,000.

As the accident was clearly not his fault, Liddys Solicitors then issued proceedings against his former solicitors and his barrister for advising him to accept 50% responsibility. They denied liability but we settled his claim on the basis that he was 25% to blame.  He recovered £92,500 from his former solicitors and barrister.

This is something that Liddy’s have come across often. Less experienced solicitors often undervalue cases, especially where the client becomes disabled after an accident. The law sets a low test as to whether a client is disabled. Special rules apply and the traditional way of valuing damages should no longer be used.

Over the last few years we have noticed an increase in claims that are being undervalued, often by tens of thousands of pounds. If you have been the victim of an accident which has left you permanently affected, call Liddy’s on 01924 780753 to see if we can help.