Wakefield Man Hit By Car Receives £32,245 Compensation

Published: 9th June 2015

Liddy’s Solicitors helped a Wakefield man who suffered a broken hip when he was knocked down by a car to claim compensation of £32,245 for his injuries.

The man was struck by a speeding car while on his way home from work in January 2014, with the impact of the collision fracturing his hip. He underwent surgery on his injuries and spent more than a week in hospital.

He was forced to use a zimmer frame until his condition improved sufficiently to begin walking unaided again and had to take a year off work to recover. The man contacted Liddy’s Solicitors about the possibility of making a claim against the driver and one of our road traffic accident specialists took the case on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Our solicitor contacted the Police and obtained all the details of the accident and the driver involved, before sending a claim to the motorist’s insurer.

The insurance company initially refused to admit fault and even after we provided evidence, continued to suggest that our client was to blame for the incident because he had been wearing dark clothing and was difficult to see.

We rejected this argument completely and issued Court proceedings against the driver. Once the insurer saw the weaknesses of its case pointed out in Court papers, it reversed its stance and admitted full responsibility for the accident.

As the man was in financial difficulty due to not being able to work, we obtained an advance payment of £8,000 from the insurer while it continued to gather evidence about the full value of the personal injury claim.

Shortly after this, the insurer offered to settle the claim for £27,000, but we advised against accepting this. By February 2015, the offer had increased to £32,245, which our client was happy to accept.