Wakefield man secures £65,000 compensation from Pinderfields Hospital

Published: 16th July 2015

A Wakefield man who suffered an injury during what should have been routine treatment at Pinderfields Hospital claimed £65,000 in damages, with the help of the Liddy’s Solicitors clinical negligence team.

In November 2010, the man attended the hospital’s urology department to have a catheter inserted into his abdomen. He became unwell after being discharged and had to be readmitted to hospital, when it was discovered that while inserting the catheter staff had torn two holes in his bowel.

The patient subsequently underwent an operation to repair the damage, but developed MRSA, a wound infection and a hernia because of the procedure. The hernia was inoperable because of his general poor health and he had to change his life to cope with his ongoing disabilities.

He subsequently instructed Liddy’s Solicitors to look into why the operation went wrong.

In its defence, the hospital claimed that damage to the bowel was a recognised risk of the operation and denied liability. Court proceedings began in October 2013 and despite the previous denials of liability, the hospital chose at that point to admit that it was at fault and the case was settled shortly after for £65,000.

There was no good reason for the hospital to change its view as to whether it was responsible – the only difference was that we had issued Court proceedings.