Wakefield Resident Suffers Life Changing Injury to Their Leg

Published: 30th August 2016

In 2007 a Wakefield residents leg was crushed when the wind blew a 2 ton container door shut on his leg. The container did have a hydraulic ram on it, which should have slowed the door, but in this case the ram was broken.

Unfortunately, he originally approached a solicitors firm in Wakefield who advised him poorly. They persuaded him to accept half the responsibility, thus technically halving the amount of compensation he could potentially receive. They did this even though he was not at fault at all.

Thankfully in 2013, after the case had been running for nearly six years, he instructed Liddys Solicitors to take it over.

Liddys settled the claim against his former employers for £155,000, which in our eyes is half the amount he was due. This is because he was persuaded into accepting 50% responsibility for the accident. He recovered half of his damages for the injury to his leg, his loss of earnings and care and assistance from his family.

Liddys Solicitors have since issued proceedings against his former solicitors for advising him to accept 50% responsibility, when the accident clearly wasn’t his fault. We hope to recover a further £155,000 for him in that claim.

Clients must be very careful when they chose their representatives to make sure that they have the experience necessary to settle the claim properly.

At Liddys you are guaranteed to be dealing with a solicitor who has had between eight years and twenty years’ experience of litigation.

If you are a resident of Wakefield and are in need of a personal injury solicitor, then just give Liddys a call on 01226 731 314.