Whiplash Injuries Can Be Life Changing

Published: 21st July 2016

A local woman recently settled her damages claim for an incredible amount of just over £185,000.

She was involved in a very nasty road traffic accident which caused her ongoing neck and back problems.  The vast majority of whiplash type injuries usually settle down within three to six months.  However, as is the case with this client, they can last a lifetime.

Not only was she left in constant pain, but she had to give up her driving based job which she loved, and instead took up a career in teaching. Unfortunately in her new role she earns far less than she had been.  Both orthopaedic and neurological experts agreed that the claimant’s symptoms were genuine but of course there was nothing physically for them to see.

As part of our services Liddy’s instructed a pain management consultant and a physiotherapist who worked together to change the way she lived her life to minimise her symptoms. Of course they did not rid her of the pain entirely, however they did aid her in finding a way to live with it.

The injury had a massive impact on the claimant’s life in general. Therefore we were able to claim damages for her injuries and for her loss of earnings in the future. Also, she now has difficulty handling her child due to her inability to lift any weight, therefore Liddy’s was able to claim damages to cover the aid she will need in caring for her child.

The main thing that sets Liddy’s apart from other personal is our level of experience as well as our care policy for all of our clients. Because of these we always seek not necessarily the maximum, but the fair amount of damages for all our clients.

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident or an accident at work or you have a medical negligence enquiry, then please telephone Kevin Liddy on 01924 780753.